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“If corporate media becomes impartial and stops serving its political masters, it will command respect of the people, instead of demanding it.”

(Disclaimer:- This disclaimer is for NDTV who unleash lawyers for stamping out free speech as in the case of Chaitanya Kunte. I am neither an admirer of NDTV, nor of Ms. Dutt. My image gallery is proof of that. This article does not explicitly imply or state that NDTV uses fake tweets to distort public debate. I have stated my opinion as a disturbed viewer, and it is based on publicly available information on the net. If it is found to be incorrect, I will gladly retract without hesitation.)

This NDTV show was supposed to be a discussion about the situation of Mr. Shanti Bhushan (Former Law Minister) and Mr. Prashant Bhushan who are being accused without conclusive evidence. A television channel is expected to be neutral, but this show appeared to be part of a media trial of Bhushans.

So I did a little experiment with this episode available online at ndtv.com website.

Show – “The Buck Stops Here” on NDTV anchored by Ms. Barkha Dutt. Episode title – “Bhushans: Smear Campaign or Fair Game?”

Date – 20th April, 2011

Methodology – I switched off the sound and made a note of visuals presented during the show.

(Note: I switched on sound briefly only once to listen to Agnivesh’s famous comment at 40th minute, as pointed out by folks on Twitter. This comment has been preserved at Mutiny along with a contest. Thanks to Jayant Gajria for the tip.)

My Observations


Visuals in the show had 2 categories of graphics: 

  1. Captions
  2. Twitter Buzz

Both these are labeled in the screenshot.


Visual Category 1 – CAPTIONS

Please note the subtle but aggressive build-up in captions rotated throughout the show:

  • Anti-Corruption Drive
  • Hit by Controversies
  • Lokpal Panel Co-chair in CD row
  • Bhushan & Sons
  • Bhushans embroiled in CD Row
  • CD: Chat between Bhushan, Mulayam
  • CD: Phone Chat about fixing a judge
  • Conflict of Interest?
  • Smear Campaign?
  • After CD, Land Row
  • Bhushans in Land Row
  • The ‘Plot’ Thickens
  • Serious Improprities?
  • Should Bhushans Quit?

My conclusion – There is a clear negative spin in captions to defame the Bhushans in a show where they are not present to defend their position. This is also known as a Media Trial

Visual Category 2 – TWITTER BUZZ

Out of all the tweets presented in this visual, I found these most interesting.

Irrespective of the fact whether the Bhushans are corrupt or not they should quit. We can’t give them preferential treatment.….@Forever_Tarun (Tarun Arora)

How can a few unelected, ‘self-declared honest pple’ hijack d democratic process&claim 2 represent 120 crore ppl? #annahazare….@neutralviews (neutral)

caesars wife has to be above suspicion. But having said that there wud b no1 left in civil society since v r all suspect 2sum extent….@iamrana (Rana)

A glance at twitter time-line of these worthies revealed that they belong to the Barkha Dutt Fan Club. Their tweets conveniently supported the agenda she was pushing in this episode.

It reminds me of those suspicious “viewer telephone calls” and “audience questions” which anchors often use in their shows.

The following tweet is more interesting:

those in eye of storm should quit. the movement is too important to be disturbed by such issues.
….@abhijain03 (Abhishek Jain)



Now Mr. Abhishek Jain is interesting because his account @abhijain03 has only 2 tweets so far!

The first tweet was on 19th March and second just happened to be on the day of Barkha’s show.

The non-communicative Mr. Jain has 16 followers out of which 10 are females. Actually, only 9, because 1 girl “Anshu Daga” likes him so much that she follows him through 2 identical accounts!


The status of these 9 mysterious followers (on 21 April) -

Name Twitter Account Date of First Tweet Total Tweets
Anshu Daga anshudaga5 17 March 20
Anshu Daga anshudaga6 23 March 21
Malina Maloo MalinaMaloo5 21 March 20
Hansika Goenka HansikaGoenka6 21 March 20
Jayanti Dugar JayantiDugar7 20 March 19
Deveshi Baid DeveshiBaid5 20 March 20
Hemaksh Jhajharia HemakshiJ97 16 March 20
Aashritha Bangad aashrithab141 15 March 20
Ishta Dalmia IshtaDalmia4 8 March 21
Jigyasa Gadia JigyasaGadia3 23 Feb 10


List of Coincidences

  • All accounts set up in the last one month (except JigyasaGadia3)
  • None of the accounts has a bio
  • In each account, tweets are made in batches of 10 on 2 days only. This gives us 2 x 10 = 20 tweets
  • They do not appear to be bot accounts because tweets are not uniform and there is no spam
  • All are accounts have female names (mostly Marwari names)
  • All have photographs of attractive females with similar numerical filenames
  • None of these accounts has tweeted to ANYONE
  • These 9 females (2 are same) follow Abhishek Jain even though he has tweeted only twice (it was once, before 10th). So they must be his friends… right? But then, he is not following ANY OF THEM.

This means they are not friends. In that case, who are they?


  • All accounts have collected 120-220 genuine followers by following 500-800 people
  • These accounts are not bots
  • Someone is creating a number of such accounts
  • Someone maintains these accounts by posting 10 tweets, once every 2 weeks
  • Accounts like anshudaga3, anshudaga5, anshudaga6 and anshudaga7 are created at different times and kept active simultaneously
  • 10 out of 16 such accounts are followers of a similar account which was quoted in a TV show with a tweet that conveniently supported the show’s agenda

Note: The following section has been updated. Confusion was caused by the address @ShaliniSharma displayed on TV.

Do put the ministers on the Lokpal Bill committee under same scrutiny. Can’t wait for that
….@ShaliniSharma_ (Shalini Sharma)


Alert folks on Twitter (including Hari, David and Vikas in comments section below) pointed out that NDTV had made a typing error and credited @ShaliniSharma (blank account) instead of @ShaliniSharma_

Ms. Shalini Sharma has made an excellent point. The screenshot of her tweet is presented below:

Real Shalini Sharma Tweet
I thank everyone for this correction and sincerely hope that NDTV is more careful in the future.

Now that the issue of the second suspicious tweet has been resolved peacefully, this post stands corrected.

My opinion that NDTV shows are not impartial still holds because their anchors (English and Hindi) continue being predictable by following the same strategy:

  • Dominate and browbeat guests who disagree, or belong to NDA. The way Nidhi Razdan ill-treated Rajiv Pratap Rudy of BJP in a March 2011 show, is a perfectly good example.
  • Politely allow excessive time to guests who are saying “the right thing”. Usually, Congressmen and Communists get sufficient time to blow their trumpet.
  • Selectively edit sound bytes from the person they target. This ALWAYS happens when NDTV is forced to show Narendra Modi (as in the case of Anna Hazare praising him recently)

To this list I can now add:

  • Shameless, blatant manipulation of social media such as Twitter to support their viewpoint by padding their shows with favourable tweets
  • Misleading viewers into thinking that selective social media extracts telecast on NDTV are a truthful representation of public opinion

All of this is my personal opinion, and it is possible I may be wrong.

Therefore, I request readers to verify facts from links provided and draw their own conclusions.

(All screenshots on this page were taken on April 21 and 22, 2011)

(Author’s Note: I was asked to clarify if I have a hidden agenda behind this post. My answer is yes, I have an agenda. I respected and admired Dr. Roy and his team when NDTV was young. But I lost respect for ALL news channels due to the intrusive and selfish coverage of the Kargil war. Subsequent events strengthened my belief that media was being corrupted. Compulsions of corporate competition destroyed political impartiality and journalistic objectivity. My agenda as a concerned viewer, is that I want all channels – not just NDTV – to regain their objectivity and report honestly without spreading propaganda. Viewers are aware that media functions in a broken system where political pressures are tremendous, but we are not fools. We are watching. We will speak.)

(Thank you for reading and commenting on this post. I value your feedback. Comment moderation will be done for spam or abuse.)

  156 Responses to “Milking Fake Tweets”

  1. We need observant people like you to keep the vibrant democracy glowing and keeping a check on such chamchas.

    Thanks and appreciate your time and efforts once more

  2. You observation and analysis on News Media is brilliant.Media is sold out in many ways with many different reasons to be ON AIR. Wish to read more from your Blog on SCAMSUTRA. What you have been mentioning here about NDTV is same thought line I have felt when ever I saw NDTV after Dr. Roy’s departure from main operations. Appointing Barkha as Group Editor and loosing Arnab and Rajdeep all 3 groomed and trained by Dr.Roy may not be sound good now at all. Thanks to our ex boss who shared your link and I got to read something so similar and close to what I feel about Media Today.Best Rgds

  3. all are same…why the hell are they covering british royal wedding so much?…what happened to the recent wedding of rajasthan’s princess??…..they always use diplomatic words like’international terrorism’ but in case of scarce few cases of hindu extremism..the red bold heading reads ‘christian missionarry killed by hindu extremists’…..and now they are subtly campagning for christian reservation!!…i hate all of them…and the few hindi channels are damn cheap,if not biased,only national is good but even that can’t be trusted under this corrupt gov.

  4. I always felt there was something amiss while watching NDTV news and B.Dutt’s shows in particular.
    May be time to get a fresh perspective on the show.
    Miss. Dutt, if you are reading – time to retro-respect.

  5. WOW! Can’t believe the amount of time you have invested to figure it all out… but thank you though.. news channels have been quite repetitive and jarring with either useless debates or endless advertisements!!

  6. According to http://www.nbanewdelhi.com, NDTV is a member of the News Broadcasting Association and I have complained against the program to the concerned person of NDTV listed in http://www.nbanewdelhi.com.

    They have 7 days to clarify and if not, on May 6, 2011, I will be raising the matter with NBA. I hope more people complain.

  7. Excellent is a small token adjective for this presentation you have done. I am worried now about the cable leaks on Swiss bank’ Indian money Assange is going to publish to the media. Do not know how much of the truth will reach us the end receivers after all this tweaking and twisting by Indian media.

    Expecting more such interesting work from you.

  8. wow! ….. awesome work! :)

  9. Awesome work done!

  10. Yes she was booed when she was trying to cover Anna Hazare’s Candle march at India Gate, the day after he broke his fast. She had to cancel her shoot at India Gate when the public started booing her….

  11. You did an awesome job .. I hate all the media ndtv, ibnlive … nothing is sincere or loyal to people.

  12. Awesome analysis!! I wish these journalists were even a teeny weeny bit so analytical and objective. Particularly like your openness to acknowledge that you could be incorrect, in sharp contrast to the blabbering idiots on the TV who claim exclusive custody of truth.

  13. When will Barkha Dutt face the law ?

  14. especially on hinduism related issues, NDTV does tries its best to be on the sickular side…..this happens even in dd doordashan news…. this happens in w.bengal,a/p. tamilnadu…this happens even in west.liberal and left channels do this…
    1>get wrong people on the show….2>paid handclappers ? 3>editing juiciest points of opponents.for news.
    4>anchors manipulating the talk show…..i would say any anchor can … can…do that
    5>more time as favour 6>inappropritate questions…etc….

  15. Its amazing how some private media is exploited by the ruling party to further their agenda……replacing what was an expected norm on DoorDarshan. Ironically as I am given to understand by friends, NDTV TRPs are hitting rock bottom…..what with the more au fait viewers shifting to either CNN or Times Now. Me thinks this channel is skreeing down the slope to a new nadir.
    This is not to say that Bhushan’s should not be investigated…..but the bias is much too stark on NDTV to hold one’s interest in Barkha’s rantings beyond the first few seconds.

  16. I too endorse the views, expressed above, I was also the fan of NDTV, but from last few years it looks like, All congis are there family, All attends there family functions (TV Shows :-) ).

    Very targeted agenda to suit congress.


  17. Completly agree with you and also support your views. Already sifted to ABN & Zee news channels.

  18. I am educated middle aged person fan of pranab roy and his team. But,after the radiatape case and negative attude towards india against corruption movement. The NDTV chennal is going against the wave. I am verymuch upset and disappointment, i personally stoped viewing this channel and and i am sure, lots of people will be doing same.

  19. Yes, I fully agree with you. Not only BDutt, Mr. vinod dua of NDTV hindi chennal also expert in tilting the mood of presention against the anna and ramdao movements.

  20. Great research work! NDTV and the clan is the curse for Indian democracy. They should be trialed in court for misrepresentation of information.

  21. Excellent research and observations. We must take note of all such channels, organisations and politiations who are tryin to derail the Jan Lok Pal Bill. They should be voted out and criticised openly.

  22. Giving Amar Singh air time itself shows what NDTV is trying to achieve! It never covers the good things that Modi, Nitesh, Yedyurappa, Anna has done – only negative news about them.

  23. Most of the Media is already doing what they should not. They are focussing more on glamour and rubbish things. Very few have shown the real social concerns. Some of them has really gone a long way in flattering power centeres and taking advantage of congress mood have not left a single occasion to hit on the soul of journalism.It is more of advertisement in the name of news.

  24. I am IAC city co ordinator and following janlokpal news very closely, but always i saw was that NDTV never gave it any publicity until last when it was unavoidable.
    Times Now did all the job, followed by CNN IBN,
    NDTV presented it negatively from start.

  25. I am IAC city co ordinator and following janlokpal news very closely, but always i saw was that NDTV never gave it any publicity until last when it was unavoidable.
    Times Now did all the job, followed by CNN IBN,
    NDTV presented it negatively from start.

  26. I watched it and felt same way, besides they always call only agnivesh on show as he is not so good talker and put words in his mouth. he gave it back to barkha very well by the way.

  27. I always thought journalism is even more responsible job than medicine because it impacts the society on a larger scale. I never believed news channels blindly but had respect for Barkha. Even that is gone after the ‘Radia-tape’ issue and now this blog. Good work mate.

  28. I m a commonn reader. And i always see all the News Channel.I m extremely sorry that whatever u Collected & observed may be true but it applies only on Barkha Dutt. s the same time there are some Good anchors are there like Ravish Kumar,Vinod Duva,Abhigyan, etc who does ther better job. I saw them lots of time but very rarely they playing such job. But I expect that Every New Channel should do thier job with truth & Sincerity .

  29. It is always been suspected that NDTV (& Barkha Dutt especially) are available for sale to the Congress party. Please recall the fake on-line poll of announcing the 1st NDTV person of the year as Sonia Gandhi – They have time and again proved their loyality by shielding and justifying the corrupt. The fact that Barkha Dutt was caught unawares in the Radia tapes exposes their roles as pimps of Congress.

  30. What does she has to do with politics here: http://www.deccanherald.com/content/116716/transcripts-niira-radias-conversation-barkha.html.

    Shouldn’t she resign for this?

  31. Good job in analysing these stupid channel.

    During 26/11 incident, who knows how many people’s lives would have been saved if media didn’t frenzied over showing live telecast. They behaved like beasts. They should stand trial on killings of many innocents.

  32. I really belive for NDTv is completely false news and biase, paid news their anchor are so arrogant they have their agenda which they wanted to propogate.. I stop watching ndtv.. appel to every one start watching other news channel ibn /bbc they are better then ndtv.. after listing radia tape I lost all faith and respect for barkha.. shee should havee step down as she is asking from other ..

  33. Wow commendable work,you should get for exposing posionus fake NDTV and BDUTT agenda ,so black and white,NDTV yellow journalism shoub be put to rest soon,

  34. It’s never just one media outlet. The media landscape in India is like a half burnt, half raw badly cooked chocolate chip cookie. But what’s raw for me is soft and chewy for you and what’s crunchy for you is burnt for me.

    Note that if Times Now had not initiated non stop 24×7 daily coverage, the rest may not have been forced to follow and Anna Hazare’s fast may not have gained popularity as quickly.

    Lets keep our eyes on the ball. I have faith in the people and the tweeple of India. I have faith in the Lokpal draft joint committee. I’m just waiting for the dust to settle so that we can all get back to the business of putting the truly anti-Indian movers and shakers behind bars and recovering the money they stole from the Indian treasury. By the way, you might enjoy http://punditcommentator.blogspot.com/search/label/AnnaHazare

  35. I wonder why Rajiv Pratap Rudy allow himself to be insulted by a mere News Channel Anchor, if what is written here somewhere is correct. It is upto the Guest like him or any one else to see that
    Anchors behave correctly and decently and impartially on a public debate or programme and if they
    do not do so give them nicely then and there and instead of getting insulted they should be
    tasting such experience. After all these are just some anchors or editors who invites you to articulate your points or your political line and they are not doing it as a favour but to run their channel and make money for themselves. I would just Pity for Rudy if he is so helpless and must not represent his party if even once succumbed to such a situation


  37. Thanks Dude…Really appreciate your effort. These articles need to be spread across to expose these people..Excellent work…..

  38. all will be of NDTV’s office :-)

  39. Hi!

    Actually – I did a similar exercise as well on tweet accounts and postings. I quite agree with you – their objectivity is suspect even in minor public interest stories.

  40. But you are helping them sell thier TRPs

  41. Bravery in Kargil ??? Is this the same reporter you are talking about who was (allegedly) pulled up by the army for giving away secret /critical information to the other side regarding army’s location and plans (Tiger Hill) and who’s negligence (she apparently insisted on using a flash light to record her “commentary” in a forward-line bunker) resulted in giving away the bunkers position and being bombed/destroyed. As for caualties resulting from the same? The army is being tight-lipped about the same as it will only cause it greater embarassment. check this link for more ….

    …Not to mention helping the planners and “handlers” of 26/11 in revealing the NSGs actions and plans over live TV!

  42. Yesterday, on NDTV if one have noticed on debate by Nidhi Rajdan with penalist Justice Hegde, Manish Tiwari (Congress), Ravi Shankar Prasad (BJP), Sanjay Baru (media advisor, congress PM) and Swami Agnivesh. Nidhi was trying to put words in the mouth of Swami Agnivesh many times, drawing her own conclusion, laughing and more than occasionally supporting views of fellow politicians. The debate seems one side except one or two point raised by audiance. It feels NDTV editorials have clear agenda against civil society.

  43. Yes absolutely right. NDTV is big dalal channel. all debates of NDTV is fake & manipulative. their news contents are fully supportive of anti Indian and anti Hindu bias. actually they are fooling viewers like 2 KNOWN ‘singh’ of politics.

  44. Hmmm… Nice Work… They are fooling everyone.. I don’t believe on their poll and the data they use to show.. they all just create it, manipulate it and run the show…

  45. Interesting one. By the way an interesting one which I would wanted to share with u guys. Say for the past 5 years (approximately) whenever I surfed the news channels including NDTV, I NEVER watched news except advt, waited for few seconds and then go to the other channels. In this five years I might have watched with determination to break the advt and to watch may be say countable to 10 times?! This will be hard to believe, but true.

  46. really? she was booed away? wow man!!! great going india
    she should realise now how the public percieves her… and that we are intelligent people who are bound to look thru her true motives and intentions…
    i too admired her gutts during kargil… but when i saw this trend in her show as well as across NDTV about bashing BJP and even giving them bad marks during election campaign in the last general elections.. that i completely switched of NDTV from the news channels i watch…
    it seems my gut feeling about her n her channel was right

  47. Sorry for the late comment .. i saw and read your post before it was trending , and now want to congratulate you as you made is a barkhagate 2, the ndtv is yet agin exposed to masses !! Excellent research !! Expect more such resarch on paid media … jai Hind !

  48. Fantastic Research. I always believed that this was paid news. This proves. Rocking investigation. Keep it up.

  49. It is a pity that news channels like NDTV have become chamchas of Congress and twist and distort news as suits them.Glad that you exposed their true colours.

  50. i fully agree
    These fellows are simply anti nationalistic… or anti BJP

  51. Love the way Dutt was squirming when Swami Ji cornered her with her recent scam on tape. 1 on 1 Swami ji… serves her right

  52. being biased is a common sight…but now its official p.s:grt wrk mate

  53. Appreciate the detailed clarity.

  54. good job…!!

  55. WOW…simply fascinating….seems to have good research and contemplation…i always thought that NDTV is better than its competitors because its having presence of some authentic looking reporters like vinod dua ,raveesh and all…..but now i m doubtful that i was right

  56. These media person are not doing anything to curb the corruption and now when sm1 has doing smhing they are creating troubles 4 them.. Stupid B******s!!!!!!!

  57. Good work friend, your analysis must be viewed by people of India so that they will understand that what media portrays is most of the times coloured. People must use their judgement to identify what is True and what is False. Do not believe the media all the time.

  58. Great Work no doubt.

    We live in a country where there is very little political awareness. Remember what Anna Hazare reacted to a question to why he does not contest election. Now those few people who call themselves politically sensitive are the people live me who read and see news and think over it.

    but then there is something like this blog where the writer has a point to prove.

    All the media people are there for the sole purpose of making money. they are ready to fabricate everything as per need.

    they say there are 4 pillars of democracy. politicians :) . what to say about their corruption. government babus, we all know how corrupt they all are. Judiciary may be clean at the highest level but there is a lot of corruption in the lower level and with justice delayed for sure justice is denied.

    the 4th pillar is media :)
    God bless this country which is being run on these 4 pillars

    but then what is next. where will be get the real news. Is there anybody left who is non-corrupt?.

  59. Good work mate..!! More than the tweets the list of captions used by them on the program shows they are not neutral..

  60. Why switch of NDTV. It is better to watch and learn the tricks they deploy to discredit people. While they look so serious making out a case for the congress party – we should be laughing at them…
    Media has not remained a profession… it has become business. Bad business at that…

  61. The way to teach Dalal Media a lesson is to boycott it. With lower TRP their ad revenue will fall.It will pinch them where it hurts the most.
    Along with that keep exposing them till their credibility is completely eroded. Spread the good work and
    keep up the fight. India deserves a free and unbiased media. Congratulations for the excellent expose.

  62. I agree. This must be widely circulated.
    Can the Election Commission consider this as “paid news”? Elections are still being held in Bengal.
    Who does not know that the stance of NDTV is always pro-congress? They belong to the the dirty tricks department of certain politicians. What a shame.

  63. Thanks for such a wonderful post. These kind of posts are more needed to expose the large scam going on with the NDTV and other similar TV channels sponsored by govt. I am really surprised to see how low Barkha Dutt can go to full the govt opposition. I have been following Barkha dutt for many years, and you can easily see her programs, all are biased and pro congress/govt. Any opposition party in the interview or program are ill treated and make the audience confused and put a statement against opposition or in favor of the congress. She is one of the cheap journalist I have seen in my life. It’s hard for me to think how an educated can get a sleep betraying the audience and country with such a huge fraud.

    I am deeply frustrated and disappointed with her biased reporting. I heartily say thank for posting this article by doing a brilliant research. Thanks again.

  64. Well done. Small observation:

    The 9 girls who follow Mr Abhishek Jain, seem to be in the habit of sharing the song they are presently listening to, and some share similar taste in music.

    Of course Ms. Dutt cannot be expected to answer about girls following profiles of people she quotes out of Twitter. As a media professional, I can visualize to some extent, the process that goes into compiling a story and understand that Ms. Dutt may not directly be behind each of the little fabrications here. But her graceful response to a trend originating out of a piece of well-researched criticism has been less than graceful.

  65. After listening to and watching the episodes of Niira Radia Burka Dutt phone calls – I have lost all faith in the journalists (even the so called high profile) having any morality left. I just cannot stand the antics Arnab puts up in his news hour shows. All are stage managed and the science and technology is helping them fabricate infomation to either spice up or mislead. I did not know who are “Content Managers” in the media and what is their job. After reading this article now I know. Thanks a lot for enlightening me and strengthening my belief in disbelieving the media.

  66. Great work!! Must have taken you a good amount of effort to come up with such an excellent analysis.Media must now know that people have a much stronger tool in their hands – ‘internet/social media’; and are now capable of exposing frauds like Ms. Dutt and NDTV. I hope some honest and responsible newspaper or channel takes a notice of this article and publishes it…


  68. Veena it is totally government own channel and they show news only in favor of government, :-)

  69. Twitter: GorakhpuriJi

    Excellent research. Keep it up. My heart felt gratitude for your tenacity to decipher this issue and share it with aam janata. What do you recommend as a neutral Indian media outlet ( any format ) for current affairs and daily news… I am at a total loss these days. Cheers and thanx

  70. Well said



  73. thank you

  74. Hats off to your observances , I believe that they could be correct this is based on the fact that I too independently had observed that this channel NDTV was giving lot of air time to Amar Singhs banter even when he was boring every one.this was yesterday 22april2011around afternoon.
    I have clubed all the news channel together and on quickly switching between them it was observed that NDTV and just one another major channel was just telecasting this banter of AmarSingh.
    The other channels should also debate on the contents of bill instead only of these banter.

  75. plz do publish this in nation newspapers The Hindu and dainik Jagran. Keep it up.

  76. Excellent research work. I salute u man. We need people like you to expose biased media like Dutts.

  77. Great Work! this article needs huge publicity, Great Work!

  78. Can we verify someway IP address of these accounts from where login happened? Twitter must be maintaining the login history and time with IP address.

  79. This is just one of the reasons why I hate Barkha Dutt and NDTV

  80. Excellent article: Media is forming a nexus to distort facts & influence the mass. we have to be really vigilant ….

  81. The Barkha Dutt is big time crook. She still works for hidden agenda of few political parties.

    I suggest that we all should bycott the NDTV News (English & Hindi) channels.

  82. Excellent observations!!! infact , just minutes before I was watching the discussion on NDTV and observed similar pattern, Sanjay Barua and Manish Tiwari were never interrupted (they were against the bill) and Swami Agnivesh was interrupted quiet frequently (by the news anchor and Manish TIwari)……..

  83. Surprised to know that people still expect a television channel to be neutral. Gone are the days, it’s paid-news every where. Sorry to say but dog always runs for a bone.

  84. Well done! Burkha ka burka uttar gaya.

  85. Thanks mate…keep up good work!!!!

  86. There is an urgent need of a publicly funded media in India. Corporatization of news will always generate s******s like Burkha Dutt. Knowledgeable people like you should start a campaign for that. I am sure there is enough outrage about the fraud media in India as much as there is one against corruption. An ‘Anna Hazare’ of Media is a need of the hour, I think.

  87. i have always thought that many news media channels are spokespersons for one of the political parties, but cud never carry out such an exercise. unbelievable. good job.

  88. बहुत सुंदर लेख एवं रोचक जानकारी बहुत बहुत आभार |

    “List of Coincidences

    All accounts set up in the last one month (except JigyasaGadia3)
    None of the accounts has a bio
    In each account, tweets are made in batches of 10 on 2 days only. This gives us 2 x 10 = 20 tweets
    They do not appear to be bot accounts because tweets are not uniform and there is no spam
    All are accounts have female names
    All have photographs of attractive females with similar numerical filenames
    None of these accounts has tweeted to ANYONE
    These 9 females (2 are same) follow Abhishek Jain even though he has tweeted only twice (it was once, before 10th). So they must be his friends… right? But then, he is not following ANY OF THEM.”
    ये भाग मुझे विशेष प्रिय लगा |

  89. i am fully satisfied with d infrmation gvn above and let me say tht d channel is wrkng to benifit a political party.
    This is really painful 4 us as most of us hv blind faith on d reports they telecast.
    This is really shameful nd such channels mst b investigated and banned if found guilty…

  90. Great job of research and analysis! Keep it up!! We need to reveal all skeletons in the cupboards, be it politicians or media personnel!
    Media trial has become the order of the day… true in a democracy you have freedom of speech. But that does not mean that media twist and manipulate words to suit their convenience.

  91. Great work patriot…..
    These fake ids are bought over the free lancer websites, where many IT professionals bid and work….I’ve been very active in those, but never thought that they are used to fool people. I’ll spread the word….

  92. good post and gr8 work..!

  93. We too observed it many times , I simply dislike this channel presentation since 26/11 when barkha even helped terrorist to reach to victim for killing…….. gr8 wrk man. really admirable.

  94. Fab Man, U r ROCK STAR I’m fan …wat a KickAss research n publication… lets spread this and expose her.

  95. Gr8 work yaar….hats off to u man…

  96. gr8 wrk man. really admirable.

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  98. good job.. we need ways to make the public at large aware of this… burkha’s india gate chapter went completely un-noticed.
    . nobody covered it.. sab sale melai huuea hai.

  99. Sincere thanks for doing the research…
    should i go back to watching doordarshan?

  100. Fantastic work. NDTV types are too aggressive and do not give a fair chance to all. they seem to always have a set agenda.

  101. Fabulous work! Kudos to u buddy…

  102. This is exceptional research work Sir. NDTV has become the leading thug in the Media jungle and it has time and again been exposed to following stinking media ethics. Regardless, they have been pursuing a coverage that is akin to a selective few who form the gist of their viewership. Their defiance is pronounced in Twitter, in blogs, in editorials and in the visual media where they monopolize. Your handiwork is a much needed abstract that NDTV will stand to observe and perhaps, if any morals left, opt to clarify. They have never historically is another matter.

    Kudos to you Sir. Well done!

  103. Good Research! NDTV and Barkha Dutt have been damned and exposed for what they are!

  104. Though I understand your sentiments but sometimes we go too far in feeling victimized. It was the same media, which covered the story of the campaign to begin with. Media was successfully able to create an environment against the government and in favor of the movement. The movement was specifically about a Jan Lokpal bill, but thanks to media is became a movement against corruption in general. And most of the support it got was from those who had not even read let alone understood the details of the bill. All that media is doing is to raise questions.

  105. Now as this one is trending, mail this to news channels, newspapers, news agencies like PTI, UNI. Bhadaas4media.com The Hoot.org, afaqs, exchange4media, etc.

    Prasoon Bajpayi had recently written about Barkha’s hooting at India Gate in Prabhat Khabar and raised questions about her journalistic integrity.Send this link to him too.

    I was at Constitution club to attend a meeting that was organised to pay homage to Aok Tomar who was served legal notice by Dr. Pranav Roy when Tomar was on death-bed. Many journalist remembering him said about Tomar’s solitary fight with ndtv.

  106. Despite the typing error by NDTV and your correction thereafter, the bulk of your argument stays vindicated. There was always a strong suspicion that MSM was not just fabricating and distorting news but also manipulating views. With your and Prasanna Vishy kind of exposures it has been established that channels manufacture views. Congratulations on your good work. This certainly will make the mafia controlling the flow of information a little more alert and circumspect if not entirely unbiased.

  107. Wonderful job done !!! We need to raise a campaign against corrupt Media too. They are the one who are more responsible for creating a rift.

  108. Barkha dutt has no love lost for Prashant bhushan. It appears she hates him because he is a petitioner in the Radia Tapes and one of those or possible many conversations feature Barkha dutt. Prashant Bhushan has made Barkha dutt very uncomfortable in the Radi tapes.

    Have you seen Barkha dutts tweets almost drooling ove r the “dhamaka” she promised just before the cds came out. In one of her drooling tweets after ndtv aparently got hold of the cds said something like ‘those who ask questions of others have tough questions to answer of their own.’ check her timeline.

  109. FABULOUS! gr8 job done! these guys need to be exposed for the shit that they do!

  110. That is an interesting article. Thanks Vijay!

  111. Well said. Ms Dutt is not a Journalist but a Commission Agent who’s misleading the country.

  112. Dear Tarun, Please accept my apologies for the unintentional hurt. I meant no disrespect to you or any of the others whom I categorized as “Barkha Dutt Fan Club”. For your information, I too was a part of this club at one time, many years ago. I too admired Dr. Prannoy Roy and Rajdeep Sardesai when they made NDTV the best News channel. But after the selfish reporting during Kargil War I lost all respect for these people. Subsequent events proved that they were perverting the cause of journalism which they claimed to champion. My friend, the fault does not lie in your tweets, but the way in which they were used by a responsible anchor to further the biased agenda of her show. Once again Tarun, I apologise with all sincerity.

  113. Great Post. Kudos to all the efforts of scamsutra. I guess it is only a matter of time before the media fellows rectify their mistakes and turn twitter into a massive propaganda machine. We would find a lot of fake account and bot drowing out the voices of genuine people.

  114. Long before these Radia Tapes & So.. I had heard Ms. B Dutt of getting money for covering particular news or promoting it. I just thought it to be the usual rumors. But after the Radia Tapes my perspective has changed and now these. And now this…. The post is well researched and has sense in it, I commend the author for his efforts.
    But In our land ppl like Ms. Dutt needs to be accounted for their Air-on- Head issues….
    Ms Dutt is not a Journalist but a Commission Agent who’s misleading the country….

  115. Scamsutra,
    You are GOD!!! KICKASS Research!!
    Take a BOW!!

  116. Barkha Dutt has morally lost all the credibility in my opinion in being the right person to fight for ustice and truth…First she was involved in the 2G scam and now this!!! and NDTV is hand in glove for all this!! I hope viewers watching this are more sensible in realising the state of affairs in media world !….

  117. Awesome research… Barkha still seems better when you look at likes of Arnab Goswami. And secularism seems to be a fad with indian media.. they try to raise it anywhere and everywhere…

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    ha ha ha

  119. My Dear I am no fan of any of these anchors. I was just giving my viewpoint on the topic for that day as she asks it regularly.
    I just like the way both NDTV and CNN-IBN conduct their shows.
    As far as the scam goes, from the top it looks you have done some nice work. Keep it up but please dont categorize ppl like that

    Tarun Arora
    Twitter Handle: Forever_Tarun (Its on your list of fan club)

  120. Media although being the fourth pillar of Democracy in reality is the biggest MAFIA. They control and manipulate virtually every news and story for their gains.

  121. Good Work, I had always observed such biased presentation by ND-TV, espicially in Barkha Dutt shows she does everything to suppress a point of view different from hers.

  122. i m get influenced by such kind of research work. i think you need to teach media students how to take on planted news. actually! Barkhaa Dutt is in great desperation after the infamous Radia Tape expose.she unnecessary argumentative, she was standing no where when she was interviewing Ramchander Guha but i read somwhere(must be planted news) Barkha tame Ram Chander Guha……really deplorable!!!

  123. Excelent work…. Barkha dutt has been exposed…. now need to expose more of these bloody gernalists… her name was also there in Radia`s tape… so why does not she resign….

  124. Brilliant.. expose them more and more.. friends put this on every where of the social networks.. spread it like Tsunami on the Social networks…

  125. Thanks for the link Mr. Gajria. I have included it in the post.

  126. Excellent work. You should also report this to newsbroadcastors association.

  127. The AI article is here – “Are You Following A Bot?” = http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2011/05/are-you-following-a-bot/8448/

  128. now that is some research, now it is impossible for me to watch news without thinking that it is fixed and biased

  129. Very well concluded and researched article. Media persons and news channels should be neutral in every scenario and case. NDTV and Bharkha being baised to any one is unacceptable.

  130. hey what was the famous comment of swami agnivesh at 40mins? its been blocked by NDTV.. I wanna know

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  132. You are a gem., And you are trending now. Kudos to you. Keep up the good work.

  133. Excellent research and excellently presented. That the public know what kind of journalist she is was proven at India Gate where she was booed away by the general public…

  134. I’m sorry does Barkha”ji” know dis or not?…sorry again…..

  135. excellent research bro….kudos 2 u…doses Barkha”ji” knows all dis or not?

  136. I would say, you have exceeded Sherlock Holmes standards. Facts speak louder than any amount of propaganda by “Tell me what should I tell them” brigade:)

    Keep up the marvelous work!

    - Kiran

  137. Done!

  138. The identical news coverage on all TV channels makes me wonder if they are being manned by bots. If possible, please share the link to that AI article.

  139. Brilliant study this. Must have needed huge effort in the compilation. This conclusively nails the bias. Would like if this comes out in public domain through mass media.

  140. Excellent Research buddy, we need proper like you to expose these self professed intellectuals. All media like Cnn ibn, times now & ndtv were caught manipulating readers views & comments on internet platform. We should vigilant to find more like these

  141. See this is how i see it. The tweet was made by ShaliniSharma. The mistake NDTV made was that it reported it as @ShaliniSharma instead of @ShaliniSharma_ . If you visit @ShaliniSharma_ you will see the tweet as mentioned in Barkha’s Show.

  142. Its been on notice multiple times that tweets shown on the news channel… there were many tweets comping up at the time of ayodhya verdicts have proven tobe fake… #chormedia

  143. Theoretically these are bots. Bots does not have to mean they spam :) . Recently read a article where it said that a lot of bots even engaged with its followers (AI) :) .

    Of course one may be keeping it updated via the normal human methodology but I doubt it very much.

  144. There is no mistake by Scamsutra NDTV made a typo mistake and the real handle is @ShaliniSharma_ : http://twitter.com/kawaljit/status/61295341072420864

    Also, note that NDTV has not denied any facts mentioned in this blog except the above.

  145. please can you clarify on this fake tweet


  146. Nice post but you have apparently mixed up with @shalinisharma and @ShaliniSharma. The latter does exist and has the said tweet.

  147. Awesome research mate. We need more people like you. You are doing a service to the nation. Hope Indians realize this.

  148. Very good article…. Appreciate the time spend to do the research & come up with such an article. Let it be an eye opener for citizens in India…

  149. good research. barkha dutt and ndtv need to be exposed and they also need to be told that every ubterfuge they adopt will be discovered and exposed.

  150. Thanks Hari! I have updated the post. Much appreciated.

  151. NDTV made a typing error. The correct twitter handle is @ShaliniSharma_ The post has been updated. Thanks David!

  152. @shalinisharma and @ShaliniSharma will take you to the same page. It is now clear that NDTV made a typing error. The correct twitter handle is @ShaliniSharma_ who is a real person. The post has been updated. Thank you!

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