Nov 172012

These are some of the rude people on twitter who mocked and insulted Balasaheb Thackeray when he passed away.

It is impossible to compile the entire list because there are too many rats to be tagged. Only the fattest ones are listed here.

You can add more to the list by writing in the comments section. Your name will be credited.

Aaj Tak anchor Abhisar Sharma has been abusing on his twitter account like a drunk retard. He left NDTV after some allegations. His wife is an Income Tax official. Click here to see his timeline

Mid Day columnist MIHIR FADNAVIS has been tweeting a lot of rubbish. Sample posted below. He also morphed an image of Balasaheb with Angelina Jolie. Caught by @NayakPradeep

Caught by @s_navroop

Caught by @Divyansh9196

The timeline of SONALI RANADE is too long to be posted here.